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Technology Platform for SDOH

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Community Resources

Finding community resources is not always easy, and you can waste valuable time while doing so. Because of this, we are optimizing technology to offer a listing of resources by area, with verified, regularly updated and high-value data in favor of helping you address barriers in the SDOH.

Community Network

We don´t always have the answers to the difficult challenges in social care, and we certainly wish there was someone we could ask for help. 

At eMOTy Health we are bringing together a virtual network of professional peers to help you stay up to date and exchange useful information.

Streamlined Referrals

Patient service referrals often get caught in limbo, once a referral is made there is no certainty of patients utilizing the service.

with closed-loop systems to follow up on service utilization and outcomes, you can ensure patients receive the care they need by streamlining your service referrals and automatically ensuring everyone involved is engaged and informed.

Scheduling that works

The consequences of scheduling issues in healthcare can be tremendous, complex scheduling prevents patients from receiving care and no-shows are one of the biggest drivers for revenue loss.

In order to create a powerful scheduling tool that works for patients and providers, we brought together: 

  • Bi-directional calendar sync. 
  • Simple rescheduling system. 
  • Real-time availability and notifications. 
  • Alarms and automated reminders.
Selfcare Digital Tools

Self-care offers a unique opportunity to reimagine our healthcare systems. Supported by technology we can reduce the number of care interventions needed by promoting tools that support recovery and facilitate personal care. 

eMOTy recovery supports patients in the prevention, monitoring, and treatment of mental health difficulties, helping them track progress, find calm, and connect with peers and support systems.

Anonymous, free of charge and backed by professionals.

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